About Me


Hello, my name is Catherine, and I am twenty-five years old.  I am an alumna of the College of William and Mary, go Tribe, and I am currently working as a bartender and applying to programs to get a second degree in nursing.  The way to my heart is through good food, peonies, and endless amounts of coffee!  I am a doggy mommy to Fred and Quinn, and I love to travel!  I am by no means a travel expert.  I have only been a handful of places around the world, but my travel “bucket list” is huge!  My first trip abroad was to England and Portugal when I was fourteen years old.  That trip allowed me to see the beauty of different cultures and histories than I had previously been exposed to, and I have been hooked on travel ever since!  If I had unlimited funds, I would travel the world for the rest of my life!  My goal is to travel to every continent before I die!  So far in my 25 years of life I’ve only got three down, so I have a lot left to visit!

This blog serves as a diary for all of my travels past, present, and future.  I have only just begun, so it will take a while before I have very much content.  Fair warning though, I take wayyy more pictures than are necessary, and my posts could probably use an editor.  I can thank my science background for my sub par writing skills.  I hope you enjoy my different adventures.  I am going to work very hard in the next few years to cross off a couple more countries from my travel “bucket list.”  Some of the countries on that list include: Germany, France, Spain,  Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, Australia, Ireland, Iceland, and many more.  I hope you enjoy “From London to Seoul”!


Line Friends store in Myeongdong

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